vanillaJust Plain Vanilla

A Fine Gift!

Vanilla is the world's most beloved flavor in candies, cookies, and desserts. Its sweet, clean fragrance is a welcome accent in any home in a potpourri, bath soaps, and air fresheners.


Looking for something special as a gift for a girlfriend, mom, daughter, sister, your boo, or for a special present for Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day? Want to send a little pick-me-up, or just to say how much you care? Vanilla puts a smile on everyone's face!


Here you'll find a great selection of gift items and treats that feature vanilla flavor or scent. It's amazing how versatile vanilla can be.

If it's JUST PLAIN VANILLA, it's just plain GOOD!

Coming Soon

Fine confections made with vanilla, and special luxuries for bed and bath with a soothing vanilla scent.